Voga Vodka

Italy’s Finest Vodka




VOGA Vodka

Wheat + Water + Grapes = Vodka

VOGA Vodka is crafted from fine Italian wheat and then filtered through Nebbiolo grape must, used to make the king of Italian wines, Barolo. The water used in VOGA Vodka is the lightest and softest water in Europe, which comes from the springs of Monte Rosa on the Italian Alps.

Packaged in the notorious VOGA slick stylish bottle and beautified by luminous gems, VOGA Vodka comes with a retractable incorporated pourer in each cap making it easier to use for bartenders at bars and clubs and to entertain at home.

VOGA Vodka, with its distinct character, is elegantly smooth and exceptionally fresh, offering a new and unique taste experience.

Cocktail Recipes


With an unsurpassed smoothness and unique flavor, VOGA Vodka is made to be experienced “Solo.” Serve neat, straight up, or on the rocks, add an olive garnish for an elegant presentation with effortless preparation.

• 2 oz of VOGA Vodka
• 3 olives
• 4 ice cubes

How to make:

Combine VOGA Vodka and ice cubes in a shaker and shake vigorously until the outside of the shaker has frost. Pour into your favorite cocktail glass and add 3 olives.