Full of surprises, VOGA Rosa in a nice chewy, savory rosè with a silky, bright dry-yet-fruity light to medium body perfectly suited to accompany a hearty meal.


Fruity, savory aromas and the flavors of white chocolate drizzled strawberries and honeyed zucchini bread lead to an even, stimulating medium-length pomegranate, rainier cherry and floral melon finish with fine fruit tannins and no oak. 12% ABV


Enjoy VOGA Rosa with eggplant pizza, smoked gouda mushroom quesadillas, fried cauliflower with whipped feta or a shrimp, avocado and roasted corn salad. Perfect match to the heat of a crispy fish taco with jalapeño sauce.

  • Varietal: 70% Merlot, 30% indigenous Veneto varietals
  • Area of production: Veneto